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Battlefield 2042, pre-boot beta available today -

Battlefield 2042, pre-boot beta available today –

Battlefield 2042 Approaches, but in the meantime Beta With the ability to do, the door is on the doorstep Pre-load today Opening of the new trial version scheduled for October 6, 2021 on PC and console and tomorrow.

After many uncertainties and rumors, beta and preload dates have been officially announced by EA and the initial download today is for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Available at S.

Note that the test is divided Two sessions, I.e., the first is open to everyone with initial access and the second as a real open beta.

Initial access for everyone who logs in Booking Battlefield 2042 and subscribers EA Play, Including GamePass Ultimate subscribers: In recent days, Microsoft has confirmed that early access beta is guaranteed for all subscribers to the Xbox GamePass Ultimate.

It further expands the audience of players who can participate in the trial version of Battlefield 2042 from tomorrow morning: all pre-order buyers, EA Play and GamePass Ultimate users can access, everyone else can enter Open beta 2021 starts on Friday 20th October at 9:00 am.

So we are eagerly waiting to know the details of this trial version, meanwhile remembering the upgraded hardware requirements for beta on the system.

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