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Battlefield 2042: 2x mini beta map on Xbox One and PlayStation 4! | Xbox One

After announcing that the digital version Battlefield 2042 Available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Discounts Xbox Series X | For buyers of the S and PlayStation 5 versions, the open beta invention allowed gamers to finally test DICE’s latest kid. Keep in mind that the battlefields will be much smaller if you are comfortable getting Battlefield 2042 on your older generation console.

Greatly discounted card on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

In June, DICE clarified that 2042 maps on the battlefield would be a different size on older Zen consoles. Xbox Series X | Given the power difference between the S and Xbox One, this is a logical choice, especially as the next gen and PC players can compete on 64 vs 64, 32 against 32 older consoles.

Screenshot on the computer

Screen shot on the Xbox One

By examining the screen shots of the orbital map more closely, we can see that a significant portion of the map is not available. It was cut in half and many goals were missing. The starting points for both teams have been changed to remove the bottom part of the map on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It helps to focus the battlefield on the essential map elements.

Battlefield 2042 Beta is now closed. The latter was released on November 19 on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | The S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC allowed us to get a first idea with the controller about what awaits us on Steam and Origins.