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Baldur’s Gate: The Dark Alliance is about to land on the Nintendo Switch

It will be out very soon this week

Finally Black Isle Studio He confirmed In a tweet Release date for version Nintendo Switch of Gateway to Baltur: Dark Alliance, Following the delay.

The title will be published, in fact, this week, to be exact May, 20.

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The Previous date Release scheduled May 7, But postponed for the gods Problems in development. Fortunately, the issues don’t seem to be that bad and can get our hands on the game very soon.

Game is a reinterpretation of the console title 2001 With refurbished HD graphics and reduced uploads. Everything else remains True to the original experience, Which includes one of the cast Three characters that can be played Each with their own class (a dwarf warrior, a human archer and an elven witch). 11 different characters, More than 40 enemies And employers face group after group, More than 25 different skills Passive and active, 4 different difficulty levels, Fully voiced conversations and possibilities Play Co-op locally.

Were you also waiting at the gateway to Baldur: The Dark Alliance? Will you take it?

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