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August 5, 2021 Free Games Announced -

August 5, 2021 Free Games Announced –

After the availability of today’s new free games, Epic Sports Shop Has also revealed what video games will be gifted next week, or August 5, 2021. about that A plague story of innocent and fast fighting. Here are all the details.

A Blake Tale innocence A third-person adventure-stealing game in which we always follow the story of young Amecia and her little brother Hugo on a painful journey into the dark ages. During the trial, surrounded by unrestrained groups of mice, Amicia and Hugo learn to get to know and trust each other. They will fight against all contradictions in their lives and find purpose in this brutal and ruthless world.

A Blake Story Innocent: Amicia

The second free game of the Epic Game Store on August 5, 2021 Speed ​​fight. This is a 2D fighting game in which you need to keep pace. You need to increase your combo counter and enable special powers. There are six characters with unique style, local and online co-op multiplayer and various leagues to play alone.

Speed ​​fight
Speed ​​fight

Finally, we remind you that you can find today’s free PC games at this address.

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