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Assistant Fantasy Football Atlanta-Sassuolo 15th Day: Official Results

Assistant Fantasy Football Atlanta-Sassuolo 15th Day: Official Results

Assistant Fantasy Football Atlanta-Sassuolo 15th Day: Atlanta were unbeaten at the Kewis Stadium, provoking an unprotected Sassuolo who fell badly in this first match of 2021. Casperini’s male-dominated race begins the new year with a pyrotechnic 5-1. Five aids are the result of 3 aids.

No Fantacalcio Atalanta-Sassuolo 15th day help Were they checked in the competition at the age of 15? At this point, we will communicate Official results Fantasy football We will explain the reason for giving or not giving the bonus.

We also remind you that you can consult Guidelines It determines the allocation of aid.

Atlanta-Sassuolo Fantasy Football Assistance ^ Match Day: All +1 Officers

Cole Atlanta

Marker: Zapada d.

Please help: nobody is here – Colombian scores after a chance comes back while controlling the ball delivered by a team player. No help.

Cole Atlanta

Marker: Pesina

Assistant (CL – FM): Ilikik – The Slovenian recommends a center for Pesina who wants to score 2-0 first

Cole Atlanta

Marker: Zapada d.

Assistant (CL-FM): Freiler – Suwada’s beautiful play, he serves Zapada with his heels and hits his brace.

Cole Atlanta

Marker: Cosans

Assistant (FM): Sabada – Sponda de Sapada for Cosens at the level of the midfield circle. The German focuses and makes the ball fly towards Concepcin’s door, where he unleashes a powerful right to pierce Neroverti’s defenseless goalkeeper.

Cole Atlanta

Marker: Muriel

Assistant (CL – FM): Freeler – Awesome bass served by Frooler for controlling the turns and kicking towards the goal 5-0

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Cole Sasulo

Marker: Cyrus

Please help (FM): Defral– Continuous restarts in the Atlanta area, in the development of a corner, the ball lands at the feet of Siriches, who dies 5-1 towards the goal.


CL: செந்தரம்

In parentheses, you will find teachers who have calculated the help. If one of the 2 is missing, or both, the bonus is not included

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