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Mobility manager

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The number of people responsible for corporate mobility, along with the image of the area and the school, has been revisited today with the introduction of some functional innovations.

This is coming back to talk Motion Manager. The Order of the Ministry of Environmental Change of 12 May 2021, in fact, introduced the methods of enforcing the rules relating to this figure, beginning with the need to pursue environmental and social objectives and further emphasized by the latest Govt. 19 Epidemic and consequent social and health emergencies. It also aims to ensure greater sustainability in urban areas through the adoption of home work travel plans. No minor or environmental impact.

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In fact, this figure is not new in the Italian panorama: “Corporate Movement Responsibility” was signed in the Cabinet on 27 March 1998 and introduced by the then Ministry of Environment as part of the Kyoto Protocol. . However, there was little follow-up to the implementation of the discipline after that, resulting in a stagnation in the evolution of the discipline. By order of the Minister of 12 May 2021, the legislator returns with the headlights centered Motion Manager His mission is to manage and improve the domestic work travel of corporate employees by promoting the use of public transportation, reducing the use of private vehicles, and arranging better schedules. This number was linked by operating managers for urban and metropolitan areas and home school travel programs.

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So, what are the changes in the departmental regulations after the issuance of the Cabinet Order May 12, 2021? The article by Sabrina Surti, a legal environmental consultant, reviews key findings and finds a complete picture of the rules and procedures currently in place. Motion Manager, The subjects obligated to appoint and the procedures to be followed.

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