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Arnaud Goss introduces the device, which allows hearing aids to transmit "understanding of sound"

Arnaud Goss introduces the device, which allows hearing aids to transmit “understanding of sound”

The audiologist, CNA’s vice president, presented during Semaine’s Son’s health round table, a ready – made device that will soon allow hearing care professionals to easily tell the general public what sound really is.

Semain du Son has been working for many years to develop a device that allows hearing aids to make the concept of decibels as accessible as degrees Celsius. This project is part of a larger mission, which is the title of a UNESCO resolution “The Importance of Sound in Today’s World: Promoting Good Practices”. To present this new tool, the complex definition of the degree of Arnaud Goss Celsius is almost unknown to the general public, which does not prevent anyone from using this unit in their daily lives: “When a temperature is declared, our behavior can change according to the situation”. Conversely, the level of risk of sound exposure is generally unknown to citizens, even when decibel views are increasing (home appliances, places where amplified music is played). So it is necessary to install it “A Living Letter” Between a decibel level and what you think, the auditory maintenance expert explained.

“The health professionals who are most permissible in disseminating this information are the ones who are most evenly distributed across the national territory, who have accessible, acoustic and good personal skills, who are pleasant with the people they use to treat.”

Arnaud Goes

Audiovisual device

The National College of Hearing Assistance makes decibels as common as degrees Celsius for hearing care professionals to attend public information sessions. To do this, Semain du Son is in the process of finalizing a support, which will be available for audios as soon as the health condition allows for reunions. Starkey is a partner in this project, especially through the involvement of its university director Guilloo Alermos. The device is in the form of a slide show, which allows participants to understand different sound environments and learn how to operate effectively if they feel a sound attack.

Among the demonstrations presented:

  • Concept of the sound environment, by echo: to indicate the sound that follows the applause of the hands.
  • The reflection of silence through the question: What is the sound level of the “quiet” room? The goal of this experiment was for all participants to download the Sound Level Meter app on their smartphone.
  • Awareness of the sounds we make by voice: How many decibels do we whisper, when talking on an underdone, when announcing ..?
  • An approach to the concept of “soundscape” by broadcasting sounds (the sound of waves) that are generally considered pleasant (before anyone on the phone, motor, music, etc.) before adding tractors.

La Semaine du Son began an alliance with Yamaha, which will provide speakers and microphones for hearing aids who generally want to pursue this type of entertainment. “The goal of these presentations is for every citizen to be able to better control the sound levels in order to better control them, to create the environment they want to live in and to create the environment they want to provide for future generations.”, Arnad Goss concluded.

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