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Arkham Horror: Mother's warmth coming to Nintendo Switch next year

Arkham Horror: Mother’s warmth coming to Nintendo Switch next year

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Asmody Digital and Artworks Studio has revealed it Arkham Horror: Mother’s warmth Nintendo is in the process of developing a switch.

Based on the award-winning board game franchise, it seems to offer a “team-based story adventure game that offers a mix of exploration, investigation and tactical RPG battlefields set in the Lovecraft ‘universe.

Established in 1926, an astronomy professor is believed to have been murdered after being found dead in his mansion.

Before you uncover the secrets behind the mysterious death of the professor, you must each have their own uniquely talented set from the 12 heroes from the Arkham horror universe.

As your sanity is affected during your trial, you will find yourself confronted against the Lovecraft horror, sinking deeper into the depths of madness.

Arkham Horror: Mom’s Warmth will be released worldwide in 2021 on the Nintendo EShop for the Nintendo Shop.


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