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Are you ready to test yourself?

Are you ready to test yourself?

How much do you know about Burma v Milan?

When asked to choose a title to give to his autobiography, Carlo Ancelotti No doubt. With “I like the file”, A simple but effective pun, Emilian Coach cites two of his greatest interests: food and cups. If we talk Burma – Milan, Ancelotti is the right man. Not only does he have a certain passion for the trophy, whether it’s IGP or European, but because he’s one of the few who has experienced the challenge Both, In a double role Player e Coach. A challenge, the coach knew, he gave Thriller results. Three matches in particular were decided in the last breath. All, of course, of Cup.

Starting from abroad, the only European challenge took place in 1994 during the final UEFA Super Cup. In the first foot, Rosonery Fabio Capello Success Dartini With a title in French Jean-Pierre Bobbin, Housing factor blow. The return should be a gateway to Milan, which, in 3 months, will be crushed Barcelona In the final Champions League. But in the second leg things get worse and Burma get scores immediately Sensen 90 minutes is no longer enough. It goes on for extra time, after five minutes there Massimo Grippa Unloads a missile from behind Sebastiano Rosie And represents 2-0. San Siro Calmed down, Milan did not recover and Burma put the second international trophy on the bulletin board.

In Italian Cup Both teams faced off Seven times, In between everything 1986 And this 1998. Overall balance: Three Kiloplay wins, two Rosenery wins and two draws. The final challenge of the competition begins 1998, Back to the semifinals, the bench for Emiliers Carlo Ancelotti. Outdoor travel to Mustache Ends 0-0 and is played for the match point at the Burma home. To Dartini A picture goes on stage. Patrick Clovert Indicates a temporary benefit to Milan, to which he will respond four minutes later Enrico Sisa For 1-1. Mario Stanik It sends pharma people from the end to ecstasy 5 ‘, but it’s an illusion. The last, boldest act of the competition, again Clovert Indicates a decisive 2-2 victory over Milan.

Revenge was awarded the following year, always in the final but this time Italian Super Cup. A San Siro Everything seems to be set for the new winner Milan scudetto He, in front of his audience, makes his first season trip. A romantic Burmese on the other hand led Alberto Malesani, Capable of winning Italian Cup Three months ago Fiorentina. It happens in the second half: 1-1 signed குலி e Crespo, The game that starts towards extra time. But they are not needed, because in full recovery, a corner kick Ariel Ortega, Seba Rosie Failed e Alain Pogosian Success goes towards the goal.

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