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Arcius takes you to the Hisui area Nintendo Connect

Arcius [Update] Nintendo Connect

Update: Now the German-speaking Pokemon channel has also woken up!

The latest trailers for the upcoming games in the Chinno area have now been released. Chlor Developed in the Hisui region as well Oxander. For the first time we are now watching Pokட்சmon in the latest trailer Pokemon radioactive diamond And Pokemon glowing pearl Active.


  • Type: Ax Pokemon
  • Type: Beetle + Rock
  • Height: 1.80 m
  • Weight: 89.0 kg

All details from Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl trailer

In the Hisui region, special minerals ensure the growth of chlorine oxander. Parts of Xander’s body were hardened to stone. During fierce battles, these ruined areas are often broken, so that Xander, who escaped many battles, shows visible traces on their bodies. However, chipping sharpens the remaining stone parts, which significantly increases their cutting power. Hishu people are said to have once used pieces of stone that fell from Xander’s body to make tools.

Even the loose swing of one of Xander’s long, ax-like hands can wreak havoc, causing great damage to even the worst enemies. In addition to fighting, Alexander used his hands to carve logs into logs or to cut down entire trees to mark his territory. If the cut trees or rows of trees are known to be made of sharp blade, it may be the work of a printing machine.

All details from Pokemon Legends: Arcius Trailer

Watch the new trailer here Pokemon Legends: Arcius Look at it:

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