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Appointments to replace ATA Third Band: Observes all provinces

Provincial school offices are opening appointments for the disabled from the tertiary ADA rankings as of 2021/22.

First and second bracket rankings in the provinces Appointment of replacements ADA staff really keep up with that Scrolling of tertiary rankings In order to provide alternative positions.

Here is a list of appointments for transferees and all provinces from the third tier ADA rankings Download USB Alerts For advice We will update it regularly Each province issues a notice.

2021 2022 Appointments of providers from the third rank

The Appointment of replacements For administrative, technical and support staff This can only be done using the tertiary ranking of ATA staff working in schools once the first tier ATA ranking (24-month ATA ranking) and the second tier ATA rankings are exhausted. School offices in the provinces where they already exist The lists of the first and second bands are exhausted ATA continues to publish annual and temporary alternatives for employees from the tertiary corporate rankings 2021/22 to 2021/23 as a valid declaration for each professional profile. . So this The remaining seats should be closed. There are still places where professional profiles should be assigned in each province specific notice.

Announcements for Third Bond Supplements

Here, in detail, All provinces that can already appoint transferees From the third tier ADA staff rankings. You can download the notification issued by USB by clicking on each province:

Friuli Venice Giulia



Up to
Verbano Guccio Osola





We will continue to update this list with the new provinces as soon as they publish the announcement for alternative appointments from the tertiary ADA rankings.

How to stay up to date

Follow us To learn about all the news about ATA recruitment, visit our page dedicated to rankings, stock inputs and competitions to work in schools’ administrative, technical and ancillary staff.

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