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Application Performance: Apache Skywalking 8.8.0 erweitert OpenAPI-Support

Application Performance: Apache Skywalking 8.8.0 erweitert OpenAPI-Support

As an application performance management tool, Apache Skywalking is specifically designed for distributed systems such as micro services, cloud-native and containerized applications. The development team has now released version 8.8.0, which provides a number of new functions, enhancements and bug fixes. For the first time, the Apache Skywalk update includes only the OAP server (open access protocol) and UI. Of javaagent Now stored in Skywalking-Java in a separate GitHub repository and updated independently of other components of the APM tool.

Important innovations in version 8.8.0 include, among other things, the interface descriptive standard OpenAPI (formerly Swagger). Apache Skywalking now fully enables OpenAPI when grouping endpoints, including completely updated configuration changes. Additionally, bugs have been fixed when reading the folder for OpenAPI definitions.

The skywalking team fixed a bug that led to a malfunction in the hours and days. This is due to conflicts with the “read-after-delete” mechanism for caching introduced in version 8.7.0.

When updating to Apache Skywalking 8.8.0, developers should also note a breaking change that affects termination names and sidewalks. They were removed from the protocol query.

Complete overview of all new features Provide release specifications As Changelog at the GitHub Repository of Apache Skywalking.


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