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Apple would not have told you not to flash on the iPhone if it worked

Apple would not have told you not to flash on the iPhone if it worked

Apple did not completely rule out the idea of ​​having Flash on the iPhone, as Scott Forstall, the former head of development for iOS, clarified, even though Apple provided technical assistance to Adobe, but the results were determined to be catastrophic..

Scott Forstall, who testified in the context of the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, explained that there is no policy objection to having Adobe’s content animation and media management technology on iOS, although users will not find their account there:

We do not publish Flash. We tried to make the flash work. We have helped Adobe. We were very interested. Again, this is part one, I wondered if it could help make it work.

Flash is a big problem in the way it integrates with computers, which was a virus dream even on Windows and Mac.

When running on iOS, the performance was terrifying and annoying and could not come up with anything that would add value to the consumer.

Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s technical director, sparked Apple’s denial in his time. However, knowing the value of the individual, Apple hired Jobs after his first attempt failed. Since 2013, Lynch has been at the forefront of Windows OS development

Flash on the iPhone is a long-running soap opera between Apple and Adobe, which are two long-term partners. In March 2008, a year after the announcement of the iPhone by Steve Jobs Pushed back The idea of ​​seeing this player coming on its new mobile computer is based on the fact that Flash is not showing enough performance there and it drains the battery too much.

A few days later, confident in his abilities, Adobe assura The iOS version is expected to be released in anticipation of the App Store opening in the summer of the same year. While acknowledging that Apple’s help is as desirable as it needs to be. October 2008 iOS version of Flash Player Functional In Adobe but the doors of the Apple and App Store were closed.

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Faced with an adobe and distributing Flash Player on other platforms – without running against criticism of their performance – Apple called for criticism of Steve Jobs’ contradiction, ending the debate in April 2010.

With the introduction of the iPod in 2010, Steve Jobs published his “Thoughts on Flash” on the homepage of the Apple site. The charge against Adobe’s technology

He published Popular open letter In it he aligned many of Apple’s arguments against Adobe’s technology (see also) Steve Jobs tried to appoint Kevin Lynch in 2010). Flash’s poor performance was quoted there again, but it was no longer the only problem.

In two years, the App Store has grown and with it all the capabilities of the iPhone app. Flash is no longer just the sugar thrown into the iPhone’s bin, but as its own software platform, capable of competing with the development of its own applications. Adobe has every interest in pushing developers towards its SDK rather than Apple’s development tool.

Since January 12, Adobe is available Buried Jabs all content online by default on all platforms and browsers.