Buyers of both Apple and the current iPad Pro can be satisfied. Nevertheless, Apple wants to change an important tablet technology from 2023. A surprise, but there is a good reason for it.


According to a recent report, Apple plans for 2023 and 2024, respectively Change OLED screens For the iPod Pro. Devices must have at least one large 12.9-inch display (source: Election via Macromakers)

IPad Pro with OLED screen: Apple wants to switch

Accordingly, Apple seems to hate the mini-LED technology introduced this year. Alternatively, of course, the previous display may continue to be an option for customers. The report on this issue is silent. But there is one thing Good reason for Apple’s new desire to change.

The iPod Pro’s promotion display supports more than the new LTPO OLED screen IPhone 13 Pro (Max) only in a small range Renewal rates between 24 Hz and 120 Hz. It has remained unchanged since 2017, and the new mini LED screen has not changed anything. To clarify this, the following numbers:

  • iPad Pro: 120Hz, 60Hz, 40Hz, 30Hz, 24Hz
  • iPhone 13 Pro (Max): 120Hz, 80Hz, 60Hz, 48Hz, 40Hz, 30Hz, 24Hz, 20Hz, 16Hz, 15Hz, 12Hz, 10Hz

That iPhone 13 Pro (Max) So the renewal rate can be controlled more precisely and further reduced if needed. This Saves electricity, thus increasing battery life. Most likely, Apple wants similar effects for the iPod Pro, which is why they want to use LTPO OLED screens in the future.

What makes the iPod Pro a Pro? In Video Apple describes the current professional tablet:

IPad Air without OLED initially

Note: Apple recently partnered with Samsung OLED screen for iPod mount. First, such a device must be available before 2022. However, the plan to dismantle the dream was postponed. From an LTPO scene But there is no talk in the air, In this regard, we consider two different development approaches.

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