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Apple Store will no longer install screen protectors on iPhones until further notice

Apple Store will no longer install screen protectors on iPhones until further notice

Since last Friday, Apple Stores have stopped placing security images on iPhone screens. This is a service that is usually provided by stores, which can be used for double benefit from the moment of purchase and above all a special machine that is fully fitted with a screen protection Used for this task. The service was interrupted on Friday and, according to our sources, no return date is considered at this stage.

Installing a screen protection in the Apple Store in 2017 (screen shot Ryan D Video)

Why this service interruption? We have heard two different assumptions, one is the problem with security images and the other is the source of the utility machine problem. This last hypothesis seems more plausible to us because stores still sell self-service and screen protectors, but they no longer install them. However, the instruction to stop the installation for all iPhone models is not the latest.

Apple may have found that stopping service for all iPhones would make the message easier to understand. Anyway, if you want to buy security to install yourself, the products sold in the Apple Store are not very interesting and in this case it is better to look on the internet.

IPhone 13: New zenith, new security

IPhone 13: New zenith, new screen protectors

While all iPhones are affected by this policy, the iPhone 13s are definitely responsible for the change. In any case Apple responded too late because we can testify that the Apple Store in Lyon Part-Du was ready to put on screen protections early Friday morning. At the end of the day, however, the information was spread to all stores and the process was no longer provided anywhere.

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This is also the case on Monday, September 27, which is not a local event. Apple has blocked the installation of screen protectors around the world due to the display of this evidence published on social networks (1, 2, 3)