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Apple downloads all iCloud photos and videos with data and privacy.

Apple downloads all iCloud photos and videos with data and privacy.

Please help me, long story short story I searched the internet, did hours of research and still could not get a clear answer. I hope someone can finally help me.

ICloud has 55,000 photos and 400 videos. I like them all in iCloud and in a folder on my desktop. I know there are 3 options.

1, Photos Application-Settings-iCloud Download Original-Export. I cannot use these options. Downloads are paused. So let’s avoid this.

2.A – iCloud Photos – Original Unaltered Download. Now I can’t understand this. Half my photos and videos were before the iOS codec hive or you seldom spell it out, others were shot by the new codec, my library lasts 5 years. I would say my library is like 50/50 old codex jpeg and apple new iOS format.

2.B The download for all is 316gb. So I don’t want to download the original unaltered ones and then download the compressed edits because it will be a 600GB download. Then I would have deleted the copies and I came to believe that someone knew a better way.

3, Apple Data & iCloud request copy of photos and videos 7 days / 25GB download increments await. I could not see anyone talking about this. I think this will work because you get unmodified versions, and you can bypass the Option 1 Photos app and send them straight to a folder, and don’t worry about where the original iCloud is attached.

I like my 55,000 photos and 400 videos folders on the MacBook so I can add another folder with 22,000 photos and a movie folder with 1200 videos. I do not want to drop them in the Photos app, I just want to link all the photos in 1 folder and all the movies in 1 folder

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Please anyone there I’m new to MacBook, I like everything in the iCloud folder. The original form. Old fashioned way inside folders.
Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to read this. I still don’t want to make mistakes or make more copies. This is what I ask of Christmas Lal. Thanks.