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Apocalypse after the moon!

Apocalypse after the moon!

The Fan favorite Barbaric horror game Werewolf: Apocalypse – The heart of the forest The Nintendo Switch will launch a week after the full moon January 7, 2021.

Demo And Booking, Starting on December 22nd. Game Available at Nintendo ESHAP $ 14.99 / € 14.99 / 13.49, An additional 10% discount is available for pre-order and release period.

Werewolf: Apocalypse – The heart of the forest Beautifully written, deep and consistent adventure game inspired by the experience of the famous table top role-playing game Werewolf: The Apocalypse. As Mia, you discover the dark secrets of your family and uncover the hidden truths about the Pyalovica Forest, the last forest in Central Europe.

Includes Nintendo Switch Port Full experience, With restrictions Designed to fit the console. The 10% discount on pre-order To be continued January 11 in the United States and January 21 in Europe.

Favorite and critically acclaimed by fans

Werewolf: Apocalypse – The Heart of the Forest has received a terrific reception among RPG fans around the world.

  • “Relevant characters, excellent representation of marginalized communities and a real world setting make it a believable game that does not hang its full value on occult elements. This game is absolutely worth your time.”
    85/100, Keane Gamer
  • “Heart of the Forest is an impressive game that has a much-needed new perspective on the world of darkness.”
    4/5 – Screen Rand
  • “After a few minutes, I was drawn by a strong story and the world.”
    80/100, Camcritics