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Apex Legends Available on the Nintendo Switch: It Cross-Stage (Video)

Apex Legends Available on the Nintendo Switch: It Cross-Stage (Video)

Federica Babagni

Response Entertainment and Electronic Arts inform us of today’s availability Apex Legends On the Nintendo Switch. So the famous battle from the creators of Titanfall is being run today on a cross-platform hybrid console with both platforms Royal PC and Console.

All of this coincides with the start of a new event Collection For a time, “Chaos theory”, It starts today. This special effort begins with the capture of a new city, which is much loved by Caustic Legend fans, and introduces Fury of the Ring mode for the duration of the event.

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‘S report here Chad Grenier, Game Director de Respon:

“It’s been two years since we started Apex Legends – after the season, we continue to improve the genre in a meaningful and innovative way, thanks to new legends, maps, weapons, unique gameplay and more. We are constantly bringing the title to new sites, and the launch of the Nintendo Switch this season is a huge success for us. We are happy to offer players the opportunity to play on their own Myth Favorite, even if they are far from their room. This year we have many wonderful surprises: we will continue to offer other ways for fans to compete, and there are many more reasons for those unfamiliar with the game to try this out. “

Apex Legends Developed in conjunction with the Panic Button, the champion of the Nintendo Switch video game Transpositions, known to give birth to such excellent ports Doom is eternity, Warframe The Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The version on the hybrid console has gyroscope controls and operates at 30 fps / 720p in standard mode, while at portability it travels at 576p.

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For all switch players logged in Two weeks after launch A legendary Pathfinder skin will be offered, as well as 30 free levels for Season 8 Combat Pass and Dual XP. Finally, we remind you of that Apex Legends Available for free on Switch (Nintendo Switch requires online subscription), as well as on PS4, Xbox One and PC via Origin or Steam.