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Antarctica, "high temperatures under ice".  By the end of the century the sea may have risen half a meter - Libero Cottidiano

Antarctica, “high temperatures under ice”. By the end of the century the sea may have risen half a meter – Libero Cottidiano

Under the snowAntarctica Great Tweets, The white area of ​​120 thousand square kilometers, the dangers of rapid melting between global warming and the geothermal heat source operating under it, have a catastrophic effect on our climate. Professor Fast Ferraceoli, The director of the National Institute of Geophysics in Trieste explains what will happen. “Behavior of the Tweets This can affect the entire shell. And pouring ice into the sea. Our studies explored the sources of magnetic anomalies through indirect methods of geophysics, in our case the aero magnet. This is because in Antarctica only 1% of the rocks rise and reach the rest when the ice sheet is high. Even two or three kilometers is too complicated. “

What can happen: “It affects the amount of water under the cap, which acts like a lubricating oil, allowing ice to flow easily on the rocks and decompose differently. The higher the heat flow, the lower the viscosity of the shield. As the cap melts, the rock rises. This regeneration will be faster if the viscosity is low. This phenomenon is very interesting for the orthography of the continent. Of course, when it flows fast, more sensitive climate change can occur. By the end of the century the sea might have risen by an average of half a meter“, He reveals in an interview Day.

What continent is Antarctica? “A land of peace without geopolitical conflicts. It is clear that those who make new discoveries can be a challenge between Chinese or American scientists, but in general we work side by side, whichever country claims territory, Australia or Chile, Norway or the United Kingdom, Argentina, France or New Zealand: We have only one master: science“, Ferracioli concludes.

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