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Announced improvements Nintendo Link

Announced improvements Nintendo Link

Pokemon Company International exists today Pokemon: Evolution Announced, a new limited edition animated series was produced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the global entertainment brand. A trailer Pokemon: Evolution Released today and in May Here Want to see

Discovered in the popular video game series Pokemon in the last 25 years since the launch of the eight-episode series, Pokemon takes a journey through familiar parts of the world. Pokemon Company International has fans in one of 2021 Journey backwards These areas and Pokemon were first discovered there. Like the flashback, the series will also start in the calorie area, most recently in video games Pokemon Sword And Pokemon shield Discovered, and ended up in the Kondo region, first created by the players of the first video game series in 1996 (1999 in Germany). Pokemon Road Edition And Pokemon green version, Has been found. Each chapter focuses on a different region, but according to the reverse chronology of their discovery within video games: Color, Alola, Callos, Ainal, Chinno, Hon, Joto and last but not least, Condo. Well-known stories from the Pokemon story are told in a new perspective in each chapter.

Pokemon: Evolutions is a fantastic new animated series for the brand and thanks to the millions of fans who have come with us on this journey over the last 25 years. Each region was the benchmark for the new generation of Pokemon practitioners as the brand continues to grow. We loved Pokemon: Evolution to innovate and timely evolve into this myth. It is a new adventure and at the same time familiar. Condo, Pokemon: Evolution is a special way to end our anniversary celebrations where everything started for Pokemon 25 years ago.

Colin Palmer, Vice President of Marketing at The Pokemon Company International

Pokemon: Evolution The Pokemon Company is co-produced with OLM International and is exclusive worldwide. Official Pokemon YouTube Channel And Pokemon-TV Award. Each episode has a unique animation style that is unique to the cartoons of this brand. Pokemon TV is also available for the Nintendo Switch recently!

New episodes will appear on:

  • Thursday, September 9: “Champion” in the Color area
  • Thursday, September 23: “Lunar Eclipse” in the Alola area
  • Thursday, October 7: “The Clairvoyant” in the Kalos region
  • Thursday, October 21: “Plan” in Einel area
  • Thursday, December 2: “Competitor” in the Chinno area
  • Thursday, December 9: “Desire” in the Hoen area
  • Thursday, December 16: “The Show” in the Johor area
  • Thursday, December 23: “Discovery” in the condo area

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