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Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Time: When Can I Access 2.0 This Friday?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Time: When Can I Access 2.0 This Friday?

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Time: When Can I Access 2.0 This Friday?



One thing is for sure: this Friday, November 5, 2021, Animal Crossing New Horizons fans will be able to access the long-awaited Major Update and Happy Home Paradise DLC. Yes, but since when can it be played?

Two days before the release of the Animal Crossing New Horizons update and its DLC, the big question all fans ask themselves is: When will both content be live on Switch? Having not been officially contacted on this matter, Nintendo pushes us into the dark, and our guesses are only to know the release time of 2.0 and Happy Home Paradise.

When will the Animal Crossing New Horizons update be available?

Generally, Animal Crossing New Horizons updates are available at 5:00 p.m., Updated day. That being said, 2.0 is a big update (the biggest in the game) that goes hand in hand with paid DLC. Although not all players purchase Happy Home Paradise, DLC will require a 2.0 update. As such, it is not possible to release a free update before or after DLC. It would seem logical that both should be uploaded at the same time to avoid errors. Based on these observations, we can guess:

  • Usually, games and DLC purchased from the Nintendo eShop must be available by midnight on release day. Happy Home Paradise (so update to 2.0) which will be released on Friday, November 5, 2021 at midnight (French time) will make sense.
  • Since both are core content, Nintendo wants them to be available to all players around the world at the same time. Since the game is Japanese, is it necessary to use a Japanese time zone to estimate the international release date? The problem here is that going out in Japan at 5am is equivalent to going out at 10pm at our place in France the day before. You will agree on what is not logical.
  • The other solution is to imagine that Nintendo wants all countries in the world to wait until Friday, November 5th. Since Hawaii is in the remote time zone they will be with us at 11:00 am when it is midnight. But then again, do Japanese people have to wait until 10pm at home to take advantage of new content? Of course not.
  • The only possible solution is, in the end, not to release the update all at once, as in previous times. Therefore, updates are usually released at 10:00 am in Japan or 2:00 am in France.

In short, you will understand, it is useless to make intelligent calculations at this time and it is difficult to estimate any release time for update and DLC. However, Nintendo has become accustomed to this kind of content coming out early in the morning. I hope it will be the same this Friday, and it will happen Midnight to 5:00 p.m.

How many miles do you need to buy all the updates and new decorations on Update 2.0? While waiting for the big update, what do you do at Animal Crossing New Horizons? All the answers in this guide.

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