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Anesthesia Numbers for Hybrid Console -

Anesthesia Numbers for Hybrid Console –

Nintendo Switch Some do Sale Is very interesting. Nintendo I just released Information Updated his console in the fiscal year report ending March 31, 2021, which speaks to 84.59 million units since its launch, which has sold over 587.12 million games. For comparison, Nintendo 3D sold 75.94 million units for 386.48 million games in its (almost completed) life cycle, while the Wii U sold 13.56 million units for 103.35. Millions of games.

The Nintendo Switch almost caught on Nintendo Wii, Sold 101.63 million units for 921.85 games in its entire life cycle. Nintendo DS still posted, which sold 154.02 million units for 948.74 games.

SpeaksFiscal year The Nintendo Switch sold 28.83 million units of beauty, divided into the following: 20.32 million for the Nintendo Switch and 8.51 million for the Nintendo Switch Lite. Imagine that Nintendo was able to sell 11.57 million consoles at Christmas alone. In total, 230.88 million games were sold. I don’t have to say that Profit The record was set at Mario’s house.

In the current fiscal year, Nintendo expects to sell another 26.5 million Nintendo switches for 205 million games. Forecasts speak for 25.5 million consoles for 190 million games in fiscal 2022. Anyway, the hybrid console will have more than 100 million units by the year, probably by Christmas.

The Nintendo Switch breaks everything

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