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Android gets a lot of new features

Android gets a lot of new features

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Google’s mobile operating system Android gets new functionality without a major update: among other things, Google Maps finally gets darker mode and becomes part of the password check operating system. It warns against insecure passwords. But that’s not all.

Last December New features for Android have been announced, Google Now adds. New features are provided not only for the current version of Android 11 but also for the older ones.

Android app update: Google Maps gets darker mode

Google Maps for Android gets its own dark mode. (Graphic: Google)

After a long lead time – the dark mode for Google Maps on Android already teased in 2019 – the time has officially come. Like many of Google’s apps, the graphics app from the Android developer can now be covered with a dark coat. It should protect the eyes and the battery of smartphones with AMOLED screens.

There must be new functionality According to Google In the application settings behind the point Lessons Hide. According to Google, this feature will be available worldwide with updates in the coming weeks.

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Password testing will become part of Android

Password verification: Additional security for passwords on Android.  (Image: Google)

Password verification: Additional security for passwords on Android. (GIF: Google)

On Android, passwords can be stored in a Google Account and are available on every device, and can also be called on the desktop in the Chrome browser if you are logged into a Google Account. On Android, this functionality allows you to quickly and easily sign in to applications and services using the auto-fill function.

To make access to applications and services more secure, Google is making its integration Password password On Android 9 and newer devices. The function alerts you if the used password is compromised and appropriate suggestions are made to change the access data.

To use so-called password verification, the device must be running at least Android version 9 and the autocomplete function must be enabled. If you enter your password via Autofill when signing in or saving a new one, the data will be verified using the privacy-protected interface, which is used in the Chrome browser for activation. Only the encrypted hash should leave the device, which is compared to the list of known compromise passwords, Google explains. Google cannot access the encrypted hash of the password.

Hands-free: Use Google Assistant when your smartphone is locked

Google Assistant also has new tricks that are especially useful when locking devices. If you have a related function in the assistant settings Personal results on the lock screen Enabled.

New features for Google Assistant when the screen is locked.  (Image: Google)

New features for Google Assistant when the screen is locked. (GIF: Google)

With Google Assistant you can now set an alarm or timer, play music, send messages or even call someone after saying “Hey Google” hardware even if your smartphone is locked.

New Android functionality: Send messages at certain times of the day

Messages in Google News can now be timed. Functionality already available. (Graphic: Google)

Google’s own messaging app offers the ability to schedule news in advance on all devices from Android 7.0 Nougat and newer. To use the new feature, you must hold down the Send button for a long time, after which a menu for setting the date and time will appear.

Android’s dockback functionality has been expanded to add new features. (Graphic: Google)

Google’s new doc pack functionality is expected to make life easier for the visually impaired: according to Google, the screen reader enables full control of Android without being able to see the screen. All content can now be read. In addition, according to the developers, new gestures, a balanced menu and new settings are introduced to facilitate the process. The New version of Doc Pack Part of the Android tool for access is now available for installation on the Google Play Store.

Update for Android Auto

Android Auto gets new features.  (Image: Google)

Android Auto gets new features. (GIF: Google)

Google’s car app Android Auto also introduces new functionality: in addition to user-defined background images, now automatically inspired wallpapers are selected that can be used to customize the auto scene. For long trips, entertaining games, guessing games and “Jeopardy!” Also provides application. One voice command is enough to start the process: “Hey Google, play a game.” Owners of smart displays or smart speakers may already be familiar with the functionality.

With the help of new shortcuts, you can place selected tasks, smart home commands or certain tasks directly on the home screen. For vehicles with widescreen, Google offers split-screen mode to display Google Maps and music usage simultaneously. Additionally, Google provides a privacy screen for Android Auto to prevent travelers from viewing content – only displayed on the driver screen. New features will be available on smartphones in the coming days Android 6.0 Marshmallow And Compatible vehicles To be provided.

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