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Android Auto Wireless Holding Device Ready: Export Begins (Photo)

Android Auto Wireless Holding Device Ready: Export Begins (Photo)

Vincenzo Ronca

Starting in the second half of last year We started talking Of the device to do Android Auto In mode Wireless In cars with a wired version of Google’s infotainment site. There was one in the project The biggest hit Now it can be said that it is over.

The project was conceived by Emile Borgoni Android Auto Wireless At Indigo, he renewed with his lenders Great newsThe device is now ready: Sent, Will be exported to first lenders This week. The device is very ready from the point of view Functional: After the first success with WiFi chip, now everything is fixed.

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Existing images In the gallery Show Packaging And this See final Of Android Auto Wireless, you will receive if you fund the program. Enough when you arrive Download the app The creators of the project created it to be used independently in their own car.

We remind you that the Indigo campaign for Android Auto Wireless is real Still open, You can actually finance the project by paying About 55 Using the extension that its creators have decided to apply. All the details can be found here This address.

Via: 9to5Google

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