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AndaSeat T-Pro 2 test: Gaming chair for adults, but not for adults

AndaSeat T-Pro 2 test: Gaming chair for adults, but not for adults

Whether you want to play or work at a desk, armchairs must meet certain ergonomic prerequisites. The first and most important is seat height adjustment. AndaSeat T-Pro 2 allows this to be 49 to 55 cm. Very low range, especially suitable for the elderly. However, the height is sometimes wide and just 44 cm seating does not accommodate large seats. The returns on each side of the seat and the metal frame they contain can be disgusting to the thighs.

The position of the armrests can be adjusted in 4 directions (4D). The height adjustment provides 7 cm amplitude, which allows it to be adjusted exactly to the average height of the table (73 cm). To avoid pain in the wrist and wrist tunnel, it is important to rest your hands at the same height as the working surface. To move closer to your desk, you can deeply adjust the armrests of the T-Pro 2. Armrests are also allowed to move sideways. These are large enough to accommodate a large bust at least 73 cm apart, but, on the contrary, can be uncomfortable for thin people. Finally, the orientation of the armrests can be adjusted to 3 positions.

Chairs targeting these T-Pro 2-like cameras largely depend on the bucket seat design. The AndaSeat model is no exception to this rule. Its back is particularly high (87 cm) and goes behind the head and shoulders, even for overweight users. Although the headrest is not recommended, the entire backrest is well supported. Like many seats Sports, D-Pro 2 forgets that an adjustment in the lumbar region is essential for comfort and spinal maintenance. Here, you have to be satisfied with a shaped memory cushion, which is definitely more comfortable than you usually see, but it is not good enough to install well.

The neck is also given a memory foam cushion. Its presence is often uncomfortable and its position is highly restricted. You need to measure an accurate size so that the cushion comes to the right place. Once the backrest is tilted back we will give it a better reception for a nap.

The seat and rear rockers are synchronized. It is not optimal to value the movements of the body. However, since the mechanism is slightly centered, it does not raise the knees too much.

Overall, despite the significant representation of plastics, the coatings of AndaSeat T-Pro 2 are quite impressive. We notice a small game in the armrests and the adjustment of the latter does not have a slight fluidity. If you do not spend your time modifying them, it will not be a big problem. The plastic parts that cover the hinges that attach to the back of the seat are lacking in elegance, but it still makes sense.

The assembly of the various fabric pieces covering the seat is perfect. We notice minor flaws here and there, but nothing really embarrassing. At first glance, the seams do not show significant weakness. The fabric used also looks quality. After all, most of the hue used by many competing models is the vector of fabric sweat rather than leather.

The foot and its large castors give a solid feel. Without the very fluid chair we saw when rolling a few ten centimeters, the T-Pro 2 would move correctly and at a certain stillness.

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