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Tim Cook (photo de Justin Sullivan/Getty Image)

Analyst’s unexpected prediction for Apple’s future

According to Ming-chi Guo, An unconditional analystApple, IIPhone May disappear in ten years. The US company is said to be working on an augmented reality headset that does not require the use of other devices for a long time. This is the brand’s first AR headset that will revolutionize the world of augmented reality with many technologies.

The first Apple AR headset, experts say will steal the show from the iPhone, will be a device that will cover all of Mac’s computer performance over the next few years. Thanks to these parameters, the product can operate autonomously in a few years without the help of any other device. Therefore, the iPhone will no longer be required for augmented reality or all other functions integrated in the headset. To achieve its goal, Apple will use the M1 chip; According to experts, a chip excels in its field of performance.

It takes ten years to finalize this exceptional helmet

According to the analyst Ming-chi GuoApple’s first AR / VR headset to replace the iPhone in the future will be released in 2022. However, for its launch, it will be integrated with the smartphone to access the internet and key functions. But it will not last long. As technology develops, the capabilities of the device will improve as long as the iPhone application is no longer needed. Now, the iPhone will be replaced by AR, which is definitely 10 years old.

However, according to Ming-Ci Quo, the headset can only replace the iPhone if Apple can sell a billion copies within 10 years and only if most users stop buying the iPhone.. According to the researcher, there are currently one billion active smartphone users worldwide. According to the analyst, the brand will definitely achieve its purpose with the sudden interest that many companies (including Facebook) now have in metawares.

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