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An insider says Half-Life 3 is still in the development of a small valve group -

An insider says Half-Life 3 is still in the development of a small valve group –

Half-life3 It seems to repeat or repeat In development At அடைப்பான், And although this may seem like a joke, Tyler McWicker, an insider who is considered to be the most reliable as far as Valve is concerned, he developed a kind of expertise.

Proven reliability in the past McVicker This rumor keeps us in the spotlight, however since Half-Life 3 has become a kind of unattainable myth it is always hard to believe it has been at the center of rumors for almost 20 years, but it has not been realized.

Half-Life, on the other hand: as Alix has recently demonstrated, the series is by no means dead, which soon became the new standard for virtual reality.

Half-Life: Alix, a scene from the game that shows the series is still alive.

The rumor spread by the insider in question is very vague and for this reason it is very safe: “a Rather small group Developers working on Half-Life 3 at the moment, “McWicker said, adding that there was no way to confirm the information in question.

And according to a local, Valve is now busy with other projects that include SteamTech and more, so there are only a few sources to carry Half-Life 3, which is currently with a very small group.

Described in this way, it seems that the work almost continues on a plane Experimental, The team of developers is trying out ideas for a possible third installment of the series, rather than a standard product. According to many sources, on the other hand, Valve gives its developers some creative freedom, allowing them to work with decent transparency on the projects they want, which can be married to a trial half-life 3 idea. In development ..

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