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An easy way to create your eyes and get the effect of lifting the face

An easy way to create your eyes and get the effect of lifting the face

Needless to say: makeup is our best beauty companion. In fact, makeup is a very valuable help to hide some minor imperfections and enhance other points of our face. Suitable for both teenagers and adults, it can be made specifically for every need. One of the most common problems encountered over time is closed eyes and falling eyelids. These features give the look a more exhausting look. In addition, they optically reduce the size of the eye. But here is an easy way to create your eyes and get a face lifting effect.

First, it is important to create the right one Skin care Before decorating. This will allow our skin to prepare for subsequent products, thus making the makeup last longer. So, we can continue to cleanse the face with a cleanser suitable for our skin. Next, we will apply a serum and moisturizer. Don’t forget to use a good eye crease: it is essential to moisturize the eye area.

An easy way to create your eyes and get the effect of lifting the face

After applying our skin care treatment, we can start with makeup. First of all, in order for the make-up products to take root well and last a long time, we need to apply a base all over the face. Then we use the foundation. To avoid exposing the lines of exposure, it is best to use a light and impermeable foundation, which will not see any imperfections. At this point we use concealer, in this case it is better to choose a light and moisturizing one. If we feel the need, we can use a little earth on the cheekbones to sculpt the face and a blush mask to color the face.

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Eye makeup

The lifting effect of eye makeup is very simple, all that is required is a little manual skill given by habit. Therefore, it is necessary to practice this method regularly and do it gradually with more and more naturalness. Let’s use an eye base first.

Following that, we are going to do a very small stroke on the entire upper lip with a well-processed neutral brown pencil. To stretch the vision and give an enhanced effect, we need to outline the outer part of the eye. The stroke can be mixed with a blending brush and adjust the eye shadow of the same color as the pencil to give depth.

To brighten the look, when applying a light eye shadow across the upper eyelid, blend the same eye shadow into the outer corner of the eye. We finish everything with a lot of mascara and our lifting effect makeup is ready.


This is the way to do it yourself, as it has very long and large lashes like stars