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Among the most downloaded games in the world in October, PUBG is not even in the top 10 right now

Among the most downloaded games in the world in October, PUBG is not even in the top 10 right now

According to data released by analytics firm Censor Tower, the world’s most downloaded mobile game: For the second month in a row, it became the most downloaded mobile game globally among us. The game was downloaded approximately 74.8 million times in October. Another important finding of the data is that, for the first time since the release of PUBG Mobile, this game is not on the list of the top 10 worst downloaded mobile games.

Among us, India contributed 15 per cent and the United States 11.6 per cent of these downloads. The game topped the download rankings on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This represents an almost 50-fold increase among us since October 2019.
InnerSlot Ems Emming is second only to Subway Surfers in 19.8 million downloads last month.

Join other games in the top five include Clash 3D, Karena Free Fire and Jenshin Impact. Jenshin’s impact was able to advance to fifth place in the download chart in the first month of its release.

October was still the second best month for us, the No. 2 ranking game, taking almost four times as many installations as Subway Surfers. By the end of last month, the virus hit more than 200 million lifetime installations on mobile.

Another global success story, Kenshin Impact, peaked at No. 5 last month with 16.4 million installations.

Jenshin Impact is one of the most downloaded, but has garnered high collections in October. Kenshi’s impact reached 9,239 million in October, less than a third of the costs of players from publisher Maihoyo’s native China.

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The most downloaded game in the world for us in October, but beware of fake versions

With success comes some kind of controversy, and that is true among us. Fake versions of the world’s most downloaded game have begun to make rounds in October.

If you have been playing with us for a while, you should be familiar with the hats, clothes or pets that are available for free or at a small price in the game. While all the cosmetics in the game give a good connection to your character, it seems that some websites are abusing the demands of the players to cheat our skins.

Some fake giveaway websites among us claim to provide players with custom skins for murder mystery, and that too for free. It is easy to see how new players will fall for such websites and snatch time and money from them.

Among an example of such a website. The website promotes custom player skins like ‘God’, ‘Dinosaur’, ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Rainbow’, none of which are in the actual game.