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Amazon Video Download Location: Prime Saves Your Images

Amazon Video Download Location: Prime Saves Your Images

Want to see where Amazon Prime Video stores your downloaded images and series for offline use? We will tell you how to find it.

The Amazon Video Download Location Not so easy to find. This is considered by the developers. However, you will need to access this folder once. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to do this very easily.

Amazon video download location is well hidden

Even if you travel a lot and do not want to use your mobile data size for streaming, many streaming services like Amazon Prime Video offer the option of downloading movies and series. So you can watch your favorite series on Cucumber via a dead zone on the Regional Express. If you are at work, at home or anywhere with WiFi access, then you can download the content. If you select any episode, season or movie, you can save it via the menu item “Download” on your smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet or other device. While this makes storage space difficult, it also frees up a considerable amount of your data. But where does Amazon Prime store these files?

Storage location varies from device to device

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Amazon Video Download Location is not the same on every device. For example, on a Windows computer, you have to look nowhere other than an Android smartphone.

Below you will find files related to the system:

  • c: Users Benutzername AppData Local Packages AmazonVideo.PrimeVideo_pwbj9vvecjh7j LocalState Downloads

If you want to call data on an Android smartphone or tablet, the path associated with it is:

  • /data/data/

However, you should note that the files created by Amazon in the respective storage space are created in a special format. This format can only be opened with the associated Prime Video app. You can drag files to a hard drive or anywhere else, but they will not be of much use to you without the application. This prevents movie theft.

Save videos to SD card

You can not change the location of the Amazon video download, but the application provides the option to determine whether you want to use your phone memory or microSD card as storage. To do this, go to the app’s settings (via the small gear icon). If your phone has an SD card slot, you will find the option to “Download videos to SD card”. This option is not available for iPhones, Google Pixel phones or other smartphones without memory expansion.

Now you can find Amazon video download location without any problem. Amazon’s streaming service has recently caught the attention with the news that it has taken action to prevent movie theft against some of its users. Here you can find out what can and cannot be streamed overseas from Amazon Prime.

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