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Amazon responds to leaks -

Amazon responds to leaks –

Yesterday Amazon introduced a new device, Amazon Astro, A multifunction robot sold in the United States. However, a supplementary report cites an internal document in which the creators of the robot claim to be Amazon Astro. “Terrible“,” A disaster not ready to be published. “Amazon has already responded to the leaks.

The report explains that Amazon is an astro “It is already climbing the stairs As soon as he got the chance. “Furthermore, he says the idea that the device could be used for activities such as caring for the elderly is” ridiculous nonsense. ”

Amazon Astro

Wise also says that Amazon Astro takes care of that Tracking With its facial recognition system: if it does not recognize a person, it begins to follow them. According to sources, the robot is not particularly good at identifying people, which leads to harassing owners and constantly following them. One of the people involved says the data collection is a “privacy dream”.

However, Amazon did not respond to a request for comment Official report This information was sent to The Verge, which shared: “These characteristics of Astro’s performance and security systems are simply inaccurate. Stops the device in place and at any time.

For now, that’s all we know. Amazon Astro It really looks like a futuristic device, but we’ll have to wait for the first domain tests to see if it’s useful and useful. Tell us, are you worried? For all the other news last night, here is our dedicated news.