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Haut de 60 centimètres et pesant moins de 10 kilos, «Astro» coûtera 1.000 dollars aux États-Unis dans un premier temps, puis environ 1.450 dollars.

Amazon introduces robot that can patrol homes

The U.S. team presented “Astro” on Tuesday with concerns about their safety for consumers.

Amazon is marketing a robot that can patrol homes, a sci-fi device that has come true according to a technology company, but a worrying tracking tool for critics.

The US team presented the “Astro” robot on Tuesday, September 29, as a major improvement for consumers concerned about their safety. The roller and tablet device maps a house, responds to voice commands and targets its camera in one room or another. He can recognize faces, learn the habits of household members, and remind everyone of their activities. At sixty centimeters high and weighing less than 10 kilograms, it costs the United States first $ 1,000 and then about $ 1,450.

“This is the truth of science fiction”

“When you’re out of the house, you can use it to patrol your home”Amazon vice president Dave Limp said in a promotional video released Tuesday. Astro can be used to test whether everything is fine with aging relatives. “This is the truth of science fiction”, In the video from Amazon, welcomed Suri Madhula who worked on this project. “In some situations, such a home surveillance camera may be useful.”Matthew Quariclia, a researcher at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an NGO that protects human rights online, agreed.

But he points out that this device can also be used as a Trojan horse for hackers or police. During a press conference, Dave Limp wanted to make a promise. He said users could lock the robot’s lenses and microphones, which would make a sound and display messages if someone tried to hack it. He also said that Amazon does not have access to Astro’s remote cameras “This access can never be given to the police or emergency services”.

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In 2019, the Seattle team was criticized after revelations about employees listening to conversations recorded by its voice assistant Alexa, according to Amazon, to improve the system. Amazon markets many products under the Ring brand, from doors and alarms to doors and windows with integrated cameras. Controversial products, especially since they have been used by the police in the past.