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Amazon introduces "Astro", Alexa's "mind" craftsman robot

Amazon introduces “Astro”, Alexa’s “mind” craftsman robot

“A robot? What do we do with it?”A woman asks in the presentation video Craftsman robot Signed by Amazon. The answer is quickly given: Astro is able to move – thanks to its three wheels – across the house, freely or on request, live and away. Can be used for Control people or animals At home, or Home patrol By sending notices to the owners if they find anything unusual. But when you follow us, bring us a beer or interact with others in the video, “explains Amazon.

“It Comes True to Science Fiction”, The US team commented. Did an animal enter the house? Is the gas open? But intrusion into the home by strangers is possible. These are just some of the situations that Astro can manage by activating alarm systems or by using integrated cameras to see what is happening directly on the homeowner’s smartphone screen. “When you’re out, you can use this to monitor your home,” he said Dave Limp, Amazon’s vice president said in an ad video, “Astro can also be used to check if everything is fine for the elderly at home.”

Everything is under control, but what are the privacy risks? “In some cases, a home surveillance camera can be useful,” said Matthew Quariclia, an analyst at the NGO Electronic Frontier Foundation. Human rights online. “But – he underscores – the device can also act as a Trojan horse for hackers or police”. Limb wants to immediately deny the possibility, explaining that users can block the robot’s lenses and microphones. Any hacker attempt will be recognized by the robot, which will report it through messages and announcements.

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