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Amazon Alexa - "Super Alexa Modus" cheat code

Amazon Alexa – “Super Alexa Modus” cheat code

Amazon Alexa has some hidden functions. One of them Super Alexa ModusIt can be executed with a specific command. What the command does, what it does, I will show briefly here.

“Super Alexa Modus” cheat code

Since this code existed until Amazon Alexa was in Germany, I thought I had already reported about it. Obviously not, so I’ll catch it at this point. But what does cheat code do, and how does it work?

Basically, the command does nothing but output text. It comes from previous game consoles. That is why it is implemented by so-called Konami Code. To try the cheat code, you say:

“Alexa, upside down left left right left right BA.”

This is the old keyboard shortcut, which gave you the advantage in the game. In Super Alexa Modus The talking cheat code is based on the game of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the well-known developer Konami.

“Super Alexa mode enabled! Hi! Ten extra lives added. Speed ​​level 3 unlocked. All power-ups are available. Power-ups have no power. Cancel”

By: Many websites use this cheat code for hidden activities. We also hid a little game in our robot vacuum finder. You can see this with the same key combination (without “Alexa” of course). To do this, go to the page and tap the arrow keys, then the letters B and A.

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