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Stunningly beautiful image of Jupiter

Amazingly beautiful picture of Jupiter

Jupiter Credit – Twitter’s latest image captured

The Hubble Space Telescope captured this amazingly beautiful image of Jupiter in August 2020 at a distance of 406 million miles from Earth.

Jupiter was closest to us on July 15 this year, as we do once a year, after two days of orbiting the earth between Jupiter and the sun. In August, however, Jupiter and Earth were relatively close, showing Jupiter’s icy moon Europa (the sixth closest of the 79 known moons on the planet) as well as some popular storms in Jupiter’s dense atmosphere.

There are a lot of wonderful things to notice in this film.

First, look at Europa on the left side of the planet. It is the smallest of Jupiter’s four Galilean moons and is thought to have an ocean beneath its surface that may hold objects for life.

Now, look at the planet itself. You know that the bands we see are not on the surface of the planet; Instead, when we look at Jupiter, we only see the upper layers of its clouds. The Great Red Spot, a vast storm larger than our entire Earth, is rolling in the opposite direction into the atmosphere above Jupiter’s southern hemisphere.

According to researchers, the Great Red Spot is now about 9,800 miles away, enough to swallow the Earth. The super storm is still shrinking, as noted in pre-1930 telescope observations, but the reason for its declining size is a complete mystery.

Still, this is the most fantastic picture of a beautiful storm planet.

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