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Transfer between servers postponed, will be paid in the future -

Almost half of the active players compared to the launch –

New world, MMO for Amazon Games PC, obviously Lost almost half of its player base In a month.

Said Paul Dassie Forbes, According to statistics Steam charts At the same time related to the number of active users, New World would have lost an average of about 135,000 players per week, which went from the peak of 913,000 active users recorded on Sunday, October 3rd. 508.000 Sunday, October 24 Users.

New world, a fight

Just as there is a decrease in physiological use, so the New World is a MMO, Which is a type of community thanksgiving game and is designed to guarantee content that will delight users for a long time to come. As a result, such a decline is dangerous.

The long wait times for signing in over the past few weeks may have caused a number of reasons, such as users’ impatience or general dissatisfaction with the end-game content they generally take to the community. For a long time, waiting for significant updates or enhancements.

MMOs, on the other hand, are also very long-term plans. In short, there is ample space for developers to resolve any issues or shortcomings in terms of content.

Are you still playing in the new world? If the answer is no, then why? Let us know in the comments.

A few days ago Amazon Games released the new global update 1.04 and restored the transactions between the servers.

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