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Alessandro Basciano downloaded Sophie and picked up the new project

Alessandro Basciano’s latest move made the audience speechless and especially Sophie Codegoni: New project in view

Conflict between Sophie Cotconi and Alessandro Pacchiano (screenshot)

conductor Alfonso Signorini In yesterday’s episode he told Vpponi that he has not closed the telescope yet. At the same time, it gave them the opportunity to choose their favorites in an open way or in front of other fellow adventurers.

A moment of great tension revealed an unexpected turn of events, especially for the house crowd. Sophie Cotconi Really selected Alessandro His favorite: the influencer chose instead Gianmaria. A decision that could not be understood by many and inevitably changed the mindset of the former Tronista.

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Sophie After the episode he decided to deal Passiano He said he was disappointed by the attitude Kotkoni. Words Alessandro However, the sauna and his allegations appeared to be baseless, and to the public it involved a tactic Telia Duran.

Alessandro Pacchiano, Action Against Sophie: All the Mistakes of Delia Duran?

Model Telia Duran (Screenshot GF VIP)

As soon as yesterday’s episode ended, Passiano Facing Sophie Rhea, in his opinion, he did not confirm their story. There Kotkoni She defended herself to Wipone, insisting live that she felt attached to him and that she was fully focused on their relationship. Tranista’s words received public support, and I noticed a vague approach instead. Alessandro.

According to the audience, the former lawyer decided to face off Kotkoni This way the ground is prepared for arrival only Telia. Model, wife Alex Belly, Has announced to competitors that it is ready to isolate in order to get into the house really quickly.

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Social media users associated this message with attitude Passiano: “Alessandro is finding a reason to shake Sophie, he’s preparing the ground for Telia.”Alessandro let me go out tomorrow, he’s a fake. Knowing Telia is coming in he tries to get her to talk“,” Now Alexander Sophie must find a reason why they are *****, Telia woke up while running into the playhouse And Conflict with Belly “.

The next few days will be important at this point to understand that Alessandro e Sophie They will find the perfect harmony. Also,’s entry Telia That premise runs the risk of completely upsetting the balance of the home.