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AKG K371 Review: Updating "Tracking" Headphones According to AKG

AKG K371 Review: Updating “Tracking” Headphones According to AKG

The K371 comes with a surprisingly generously removable cable battery. The box actually has three: 1.20m one short cable and 3m two cables, one straight, the other twisted.

All are suspended by a 3.5mm mini-jack connector with a 6.35mm jack adapter thread (also provided). If we want to fully discuss, we can say that we would have preferred the short cable to distribute this thread. This will help him to use a less bulky plug, so it is more suitable for use with mobile device.

On the headphone side, the cable mini XLR is connected at three points. This is certainly not the most common connection, but it is still a standard connection; The use of third party cable is at least technically feasible.

The K371’s hybrid nomadic / surveillance approach is fully considered in the ergonomic aspects of the headset, but does not apply when it comes to its audio performance, which the manufacturer describes as the headset studio. However, this model has been placed quite remarkably in the meantime.

Truth be told, it’s hard to imagine how one would be satisfied with the work environment of a colorful renovation. Contrary to the detail and very close feel for the sound sources one would normally expect from watching headphones, the K371 shows a rather “relaxed” and warm character. This is the result of a very clear emphasis on low frequencies aside; And on the other hand significant retraction of the reserve zone (approximately 4 kHz). This profile has the advantage of not being particularly aggressive to the eardrums, thus allowing longer listening sessions without the risk of hearing loss. However, this is very pronounced for anyone who wants to work confidently in a mix – and does not exactly fit the promise. “Sound reliability” Designed by AKG. Electric guitars or brass instruments, for example, sometimes have their bite reduced to what we see most.

Harmonic degradation cannot be heard across the entire spectrum.

Harmonic degradation cannot be heard across the entire spectrum.

On the other hand, the K371 maintains its obligations with respect to its compensating sponge. The excellent dynamics of his media and climaxes, with everything musical, are certainly not very loyal, but with excellent character and distinctiveness. Rhythms are especially characterized with very good sense of impact on the mesh drum. The bass drum hits, on the other hand, when the headphone membranes are too tight, the fault of the lowest response loss in the bass is negotiated in a slightly lower android mode. However, the sitting sense of sound is very accurate.

Answer for square waves at 50 Hz

Answer for square waves at 50 Hz

On the other side of the spectrum, there are triple peaks and very high accuracy, but the rest of the spectrum is behind. This has an effect especially on stereophony, which, due to the closed configuration of the headset, becomes relatively short. The localization of the sources is with very satisfactory clarity, as well as the position of the different sound planes. Localization is not so immersive there, but it deserves stupid sustainability.

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