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After the Renzi-Mancini case, the government changes the rules: "No political meetings without the approval of intelligence leaders-007"

After the Renzi-Mancini case, the government changes the rules: “No political meetings without the approval of intelligence leaders-007”

Next time he will want to give a gift Matteo Renzi His Romagna’s chocolate “fathers”, Marco Mancini Must be approved by the Director Department of Information and Security (Dis), the coordinating body of services for which he is the head of the department. Following the meeting Renzi-Mancini In Autocrill, the images are immortalized by the author who filmed them a Report, Deputy Secretary in charge of services Franco Gabrielle Members recalled the directors of DIS, Ice and IC All knowledge They can meet members of parliament, journalists, judges and others Important categories“For service reasons only and with the prior approval of the top management of the company to which they belong.

A Palazzo Siki They believe that this rule was already part of the duty of secrecy. But yesterday the Dis leader Gennaro Vecchion, Asked by the Parliamentary Control Committee on Services (Kobasir), He would have said that he was not notified by Mancini and that there was no specific duty. Is now. Vechion basically defended Mancini. On the other hand, the government wants to avoid relations between service members and politicians that could lead to improper actions. do ut des. The Kobasir Renzi and Mancini can be summoned. The boss said the two had met at other times in the past Italy Viva.

Gabrielle’s order is the first result of the raised fuss of the photos face to face, Since last December 23, i.e. at the beginning of the government crisis Conde-2 It was also opened to the delegation Services, While the appointments of deputy intelligence directors were being discussed, Mancini aspired to a position he did not have. According to qualified sources, DIS is the manager He sought Renzi’s support, But no one listened to the conversation. Except for the greeting from a distance: According to the professor who did not record it, Renzi would have said “You know where to find me“And Mancini”Available”, A common expression of the military. A former non-commissioned officer of the Carabinieri of Recognized Talent, Mancini has been in the service for decades and has been the protagonist of a number of known events. Middle East For investigation into the abduction Abu Omar | By Sia And spy telecommunication, From which he has always come out clean State secret. He was at SISMI in the early 2000s Nicola Pollari, Where it was Nicola Calibari One who kills himself Baghdad To bring home Giuliana Srena of Report, But also Pio pump Author of documents on politicians, entrepreneurs and journalists. The impression is that his position is in danger.

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