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After a 0-2 draw against PVP: Lewandowski and Koretska shoot FC Bayer to victory - Sport

After a 0-2 draw against PVP: Lewandowski and Koretska shoot FC Bayer to victory – Sport

Robert Lewandowski wins FC Bayern Munich topped the Bundesliga table. In a thrilling match against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday, Munich celebrated 4: 2 (2: 2) after a 0: 2 wrong start at home. After a double by Erling Holland (2nd / 9th minute), world footballers Lewandowski (26th / 44th / 90th) and Leon Koretska (88th) turned the game around. The German football record champion overcame the Saxons with a 3-0 win over Rosenbauldsport Leipzig at SC Freiburg, with the scheduled final for the championship set to take place on April 3rd.

In the Classic Bayer against Dortmund, Joachim Lowe surprised by a superb fight that really deserves its name from the Grandstand. “Very serious and very exciting”, the national coach found the “real best game”. Holland, who had to score in the second half, increased his tally to 30 goals in 28 games. Lewandowski now has 31 league goals under his belt. Gert M விளையாட்டுller has 40 game days to beat 40 goals.

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After a quick start in Dortmund, Bayern came back with a strong mindset. The two forming clubs of the last decade fought a great game with beautiful plays, intense duels and numerous goals.

Holland confirmed with his brace that Bayern had fallen 2-0 to Ronnie Warmin with two goals against MSV Duisburg in January 1977. It took Norway more than 70 seconds to take the lead after Joshua Kimmich lost the ball. Shortly afterwards, Bayern coach Hansie Flick worked full-time on the bench. The ball came to Holland via Mahmoud Tahout, Nico Schulz and Thorgan Hazard, who completed the beautiful mix 2-0.

The reaction of the series champion then lifted Flick’s mood again. The Munich team came out better and better in the game, registering more possessions and putting pressure on them. Dortmund, who ran three kilometers farther than the hosts in the first half, resisted fiercely. But Lewandowski did not want to be inferior to Holland in scoring.

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After Leroy Sane’s early start, who was powerful and enthusiastic on the right, only Lewandowski had to hold his feet. 2: 2 One thing for the pole. After checking out the video assistant, there was a scam in Kingsley Common, Dawood, which Lewandowski routinely drowned out.

It was intense even after the break. Harm (47th), Koman (48th) sank 3-2 each. “Keep pushing, push,” Thomas Mர்ller, returning eleven from Munich, asked his Bavarians, deciding more clearly what was going on. Holland had to leave the field, especially after receiving foot treatment (60th). In Bayer Leverkusen, Jerome Boden had to retire from the field shortly afterwards (70th).

Bayern were pushed 3-2. Lewandowski tore his hair because he could not use a shot from the edge of the penalty area (63.). Not getting much relief from Dortmund, Koretska was praised 3-2. Lewandowski then clarified everything. (dpa)