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En 2022, un satellite sera placé en orbite pour diffuser de la publicité. © SpaceX

Ads are coming into space!

SpaceX and the Canadian start-up are planning to launch a satellite that will broadcast ads in space. A selfie stick will be used to broadcast the images live on the ground.

We know that the blue sky is no longer polluted by advertising banners hanging on the backs of private planes, but Business Insider Teaches us that advertising takes even more height. According to our colleagues, SpaceX And a Canadian start-up has a joint project to launch a satellite dedicated to displaying ads in space.

The craft, called the cubsat, must be placed inside Around the circular path By rocket in 2022 Falcon 9 Of SpaceX, And its uniqueness is embedded in a pixelated screen, which contains advertisements, company logos, but also works of art … in fact, any company or person Physique, With instructions, can advertise itself Stars.

Will ads be designed and neutralized?

Sure, Cubsot will be equipped with a selfie stick that will capture its screen, and stream images to YouTube or live Torque. To advertise on CubeSat, anyone, professional or private, must obtain “tokens” (TokensWith some CryptomoniesAnd each “token” represents a For the clip On the screen.

To design its logo or its artwork, five types of “tokens” are required: beta for X integration; Rhoe for Y integration; Gamma for brightness; Kappa for Color And XI Period Display

According to the CEO GECSamuel Reid, idea “ Achieve something that democratizes access to space and allows for decentralized participation “Because he wants the ads to be moderate … he hopes people will not waste itFridayFor something inappropriate, insulting or offensive. ⁇

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