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Active Continuing Education: Download Air Levels brochure for free

Active Continuing Education: Download Air Levels brochure for free

The flight will depart on November 29 and the inaugural flight levels workshop organized by Dr Siegfried Kaltenecker and Klaus Leopold is already packed. To ensure that everyone interested in the convention can prepare well enough, both conference leaders now make their printed publications available online. Those interested can also purchase tickets for the convention day organized online heise developer And dpunkt.verlag Flight levels ahead of the day. Participants will receive an additional brochure entitled dpunkt.verlag Access to all lecture recordings and, later, presentation slides.

On November 26, 2021, Canon experts and corporate consultants Glass Leopold and Dr. Siegfried Caldenecker will explain the concept of air conditions in a small half-day workshop. The workshop is already packed, but anyone interested can download the Air Levels brochure for free in preparation for the conference. Airports should allow their business leaders to integrate local agile islands and carry out agile processes in an easy but economical manner.

  • Siegfried Caldenecker, Glass Leopold: “Air Levels – Introduction to UN Brave” (Brochure PDF)

Intensive training to become a pilot or air traffic controller in your own company will be provided during a one-day online conference on November 29 with practical answers to a number of questions:

  • How do leaders manage to improve collaboration between different teams?
  • How can fast “promises of happiness” be kept for a long time?
  • How to effectively integrate different teams?
  • And how do strategic goals fit together?
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The online conference is designed for professionals in leadership positions. It provides them with practical information on the active management of a company.

Provides six presentations and reflections on conference day theory and practice air conditions:

  • Theft levels in SMEs and medium businesses: Are we flying low there?
  • Simulation of flow systems with flight conditions
  • Use flight levels to improve SAFe
  • Travel experiences with ups and downs: OKR pilots on their way to their destination
  • Evidence for use of airports with leadership teams
  • Final Considerations of the Expert Panel

Two brainwashing sessions will allow participants to discuss and ask questions with each other and speakers. Two discussion groups with a total of eleven experts will complete the airport levels tomorrow.

Participating in Flight Levels Day costs 249 euros (all prices are not limited to 19% VAT). Tickets for the half-day “Introduction to Air Levels” workshop on November 26 were available separately for 229 euros (waiting list). For more information, see the Flight Levels Day website.