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Ōkami HD

About Okami’s sequel: Director Hideki Kamia commented in a new interview – ntower

When I created Okami, I didn’t think I would leave Capcom and work somewhere else. Ìkami is based on different ideas, and I found out about things that are not involved in the game, maybe I can expect and expand some things because I will have the opportunity to work on it again. When I point out how the story ends, answer the players ’questions. When you create a new game, there are a lot of ideas in the middle of the development you want to implement. However, in the latter part of development, some of these ideas can no longer be implemented for systemic or timing reasons. Then say to yourself: ‘What we can’t do this time, we will continue to do it’.

In kami, we talked about both the story and dynamics of the Divine Brush, and it can take time to create a sequel so it can be so much fun and stress free. Of course we wanted to do a sequel. Eventually, things took a different turn. When we released Okami it was not a commercial success. Not many copies were sold. But it gradually became a critical and critical success. Eventually, Ōkami HD was released on various sites, and it reached even more people. This increased the number of players and allowed more people to enjoy the game.

At the same time, I noticed that people were asking about the plot points we had opened and its continuation. When I hear more about this, I feel like this is a job I left unfinished. There will always be a part of me that at some point I think I should take care of it. I have to do it someday.

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