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About 100 days after his death: Fans and family members want Diego Maradona to do justice to the game

About 100 days after his death: Fans and family members want Diego Maradona to do justice to the game

Diego Maradona fans demonstrated in Argentina under the motto “He did not die, they killed him” to clarify the circumstances surrounding the death of the Argentine football legend.

Maradona’s ex – wife Claudia Villabase and daughters Dalma and Giannina took part in the fight for justice for “D10S” (which “Dios” – God – writes), as shown in the first photos on Wednesday evening (local time).

According to the Argentine media report, due to the chaotic developments, the women initially withdrew. According to the La Nacion newspaper, Maradona’s youngest son Diego Fernando (8) had a different relationship and former football colleagues such as former goalkeeper Sergio Coyoccio were there.

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Maradona died of a heart attack on November 25, 2020 at the age of 60 in a private residence north of Buenos Aires. About 100 days after his death, more details about the last days of the football icon come to light. The prosecution is investigating at least seven members of the medical team for negligent murder.

The suspects include Maradona’s personal physician Leopoldo Luke, his psychiatrist Augustina Kozachov and several other nurses. Maradona has refused the continued care of nurses after his brain surgery. However, problems arose again and again during the rehabilitation phase, as can be seen from the chat posts published by the nurses in the local media.

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A medical commission began Monday in La Plata to investigate whether medical errors had been made in treatment and care in the days leading up to Maradona’s death. Among other things, it is important to examine whether home care was appropriate in a given situation, whether medications were appropriate, and whether specialists were called. In total, work through a 24-point questionnaire.(dpa)