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A tool to find a classic Start menu and customize it

A tool to find a classic Start menu and customize it

As usual, Startup is introducing software to disable the new feature of Windows 11, instead offering a familiar and customizable solution.

From version to version of Windows, Microsoft is reworking its Start menu. From Windows 7, we have the Windows 8 Start Screen, then the Start Button return with Windows 8.1, the choice between the menu and the Start Screen with Windows 10 and the end of the Dynamic Tiles Windows 11. Lots of changes that can throw even the most loyal Windows users.

So, we understand the interest of a publisher like StartDock to find a familiar Start menu and create software to use it in a customizable way.

Start 11, a program currently in beta

Software Startock Start 11 is designed for Windows 11 and allows you to find the Start menu familiar to Windows 7 users. . But if you do not like it, you can change the style of the menu.

Illustrates the possibility of customizing several options of the Start Talk menu. That’s good, it’s the opposite of giving Microsoft With Windows 11. Windows 11’s taskbar and Start menu now offers fewer options than Windows 10.

Start11 is currently free and in beta. In particular, the editor wants to come up with a search that can perform some tasks such as a much smoother search menu, more styling options and simple math calculations.

Upon completion of the beta, Start 11 will be on sale for 10 5.99 through StartTalk for Windows 10 and Windows 11.