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A sponsor downloads it -

A sponsor downloads it –

From Paulo Lorenzi

Abandoned by Trentino Marketing: Marco Melandry

“Agreement with Marco Melendry Expired in the last few weeks e Update is not on the agenda. The Trentino Marketing In the words of its managing director Mauricio Rosini, the newspaper reported Dolomites, Marco distances himself from Melandry In which he was the sponsor.

The former Motogp and Superbike rider failed media storm, so did not tire. Even after last Saturday’s abrupt reversal, when Melantry tried to underestimate the report, it was taken by all sites (and confirmed by those interested). Courier della sera) Thereby revealing that he had voluntarily taken Govt. “I got an infection because I was not vaccinated, so I got the green pass,” he told us. The mandatory nature of the green certificate, he defined as “an abuse.”.

The Undersecretary of State for Home Affairs intervened and reiterated during the “No Green Permit” demonstration in Milan on Saturday 15 that he took part as a speaker. Carlo Sibylia: “Unworthy and dangerous news, Police will check what happened », 5 star principal’s harsh comment.

The truth is that in the wake of the backlash, he tried to deny what was said in the first place, fearing mostly counter-negative media advertisements and perhaps the possibility of action against him. “It was a joke. I was misunderstood,” said Rosie’s former MotoGP opponent. Trentino’s sponsor made it clear that their paths are split here. “We are distancing ourselves from melancholy and developing other integrations and new strategies in the future.”.