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WhatsApp evitare spioni

A solution for all users

Take a look at WhatsApp to avoid spying. In fact, the solution to protecting our privacy would be useful above all else: how to do it.

Removing spies from a solution application (via screenshot)

There are many users who ask how to avoid spying Share. In fact, one of the real problems with the messaging app is that, from its inception, it precisely protects the privacy of its users. Over the years, we’ve looked at how to do that, to protect users Menlo Park Many more have been added Tools Improve this feature. Especially a choice that changed based on the arrival of competitors, Telegraph e Signal, Which almost guarantees total anonymity.

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It is almost impossible to guarantee maximum privacy in use, but at least there is a way to run cover. In fact, to protect ourselves from spies, ‘SettingsWhatsApp. Once we approach the settings, we need to go and click ‘Announcements‘Later’News‘. At this point we finally have a chance Disable option That “The notification at the top of the screen shows previews“, A choice that can ensure a very peaceful experience for us.

WhatsApp, spying is easy to avoid: but look at these scams

WhatsApp Hide Type
New tile for the world’s most popular messaging app (via screenshot)

They are Share Precisely the real issue affecting users outside of privacy The existence of many deceptive messages And are aimed at some fraudulent users. In fact, again, cybercriminals rely on the trick of discount coupons to strike. There are two chains in these scams (unbeknownst to them), we are talking ‘Long s‘And’Cooperative‘. Obviously this is nothing but a futile endeavor. ‘Fishing‘, Both chains have repeatedly stated that these are not shopping vouchers.

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But it is very easy to defend yourself from criminals. In fact, both chains, on their official website, have published a series of behaviors to follow when we encounter these messages. In fact To defend ourselves We must follow the steps below:

  • Never open messages This type;
  • To protect Your credit card details;
  • Never click on these links;
  • Always check the sender of the message;
  • Be wary of unreliable content and links leading to sites other than corporate sites;
  • Report fraud attempts on the Postal Police website.

Only in this way, in fact, do we have a chance to stop these cyber criminals or at least? Control their operational range. So every year, it is important to defend yourself, Thousands of people They leave their sensitive data in the hands of these criminals and are willing to resell them or even get a credit card.