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"A Post Against Unprotected Senator Sacramento" MBNews

“A Post Against Unprotected Senator Sacramento” MBNews

Head of State Luca Santamproggio, With all provincial administrations, Provincial Councilor Fabio Meroni (Lega) has undoubtedly backtracked on a recent post on his Facebook wall. Senator Liliana Secrey, I appealed with 75190, The number she wears, the tattoo on her arm that was made for her when she was imprisoned in Auschwitz. Meanwhile, even in Lyson, a majority of forces (left) are demanding the immediate resignation of the municipal councilor. “After publicly apologizing for his shameful statements – I write on the agenda for the next city council – we urge you to resign: this is the only action to restore that dignity common to the democratic institutions of the Italian state.”

We at MBNews first published the news on Friday. Meroni defended herself against the allegations, saying she did not put her name down to avoid being banned by FB. The story arose due to the departure of a senator who had supported the vaccination campaign, while Fabio Maroni was absent. The politician from Bryanza wrote on his FB page.“Damn … she’s missing … 75190”. A post that certainly went unnoticed by municipal councilors Pd, Listone, Lista per Concetta and Vivi Lisson. “We are terrified”.

For his part, the number of Gregna and Luca Santamproggio in the Lega role sends a long message today, in which he writes: Policies that protect the dignity and respect of civil and democratic values And from the first day of its establishment, with a great deal of responsibility, especially to encourage our youth. Once I am elected President, I can proudly say that I will no doubt continue on the path that my predecessor started, in support of the first group’s action to stem the tide of provincial values ​​established by Annette Monza-Cesto San Giovanni. The provincial division of Anpi, the municipalities of Associazione Senza Confini and Lisson, Seregno, Cesano Maderno – turns mere adhesion into a real act of political direction. In recent years, the province has worked with the committee to expand participation to other municipalities, and has involved the provincial council in creating a real network of memory, by placing barriers to bring memory into the daily lives of our cities. Those who experienced the atrocities of deportation. The committee meeting with the mayors is scheduled for this week to discuss the future of the project and to organize commemoration ceremonies the next day. I invite Senator Liliana Zekre to attend the inauguration ceremony to demonstrate that the words of an individual cannot undermine the commitment of all institutions to convey the meaning and respect of history, ”said the head of the MB province.

At this point, the inattentions they are already giving in order to take on more material Fabio Meroni’s candidacy for the next provincial election has been burned. For now, these are just rumors, but it is difficult for the president to stay away from negotiating.

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By Matteo Ricardo Specio

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