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A Japanese trainer did an exercise for 1,422 days, with one trick -

A Japanese trainer did an exercise for 1,422 days, with one trick –

A Japanese coach Pokemon GO Was able to keep one Jim 1,422 days, or almost four years, after placing a bliss. Considering that Pokemon Geo was launched in Japan about 1,800 days ago (July 22, 2016) and that it is often very difficult to have a gym for more than a day, this is a complete record, even in this case Cosmetics. The person also provided an original image to testify to his record and then explained how he got it.

The previous record for keeping a gym was held by Reddit user Bootsmate 4 Walking, which he was able to keep for 1,332 days and seven hours, only to lose it to someone with GPS coordinates.

But we get the system used by the registry manager, which is nothing more than exploiting a dictatorship. The brave Japanese is a university professor from Tokyo who describes himself as “the strongest Pokமொmon GO player at the University of Tokyo” (he knows if he announced his application for it). When he opened the gym he was in China For work. Usually he did not have free internet access there, but that morning he was able to log in to his Google account. Now, even though the roads are mapped, Pokemon GO cannot be played in China. Do you understand the trick? The gym is basically located in an area where there are no players. In fact, poor Bliss is more of a prisoner than a hero. China has always given us great satisfaction