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A holographic photo frame project makes the canvas worse

A holographic photo frame project makes the canvas worse

A holographic frame makes the canvas worse – Kigo

Forget digital photo frames, the future lies in holographic frames. The American company Looking Glass specializes in this field a few years ago, but it was not until the beginning of 2021 that it seemed to break with a product successfully. Kickstarter. Its looking glass portfolio has already grossed over 8 1.8 million on the platform, and that figure is far from frozen.

The accessory gets the look of a completely classic photo frame. Apart from that it allows display Images holographics, Captured by a professional device or compatible smartphone. Recent models of
IPhone Especially those capable of capturing images used to create holograms. According to
Start, The process is very easy. Take a photo in portrait mode and upload it to the platform, it will automatically convert to holographic frame.

A hologram is precious er, yes!

If this type of accessory was originally designed for the creative mind, filmmakers, photographers and artists, Looking Glass wants to turn it into an everyday object. The technology will now be adequate for the average consumer interested.

If the concept is attractive, the accessory sells for almost $ 250. Except for Kickstarter, it will be charged 9 349.

In addition to displaying holographic images, the startup framework also allows you to add animations with tools such as Unity. So there are a number of applications.

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